Inner Demons: Repulsion | Denver Film Society | Roman Polanski | United Kingdom

Inner Demons: Repulsion

Roman Polanski

Psychological, Thriller

EnglishUnited Kingdom1965105 min35mm film


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Screens Friday & Saturday, March 13 & 14 at 9:30pm
Presented on glorious 35mm film!

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Roman Polanski followed up his international breakthrough Knife in the Water with this controversial, chilling tale of psychosis. Catherine Deneuve is Carol, a fragile, frigid young beauty cracking up in her London flat when left alone by her vacationing sister. She is soon haunted by specters real and imagined, and her insanity grows to a violent, hysterical pitch. Thanks to its disturbing detail and Polanski’s adeptness at turning claustrophobic space into an emotional minefield, Repulsion is a surreal, mind-bending odyssey into personal horror, and it remains one of cinema’s most shocking psychological thrillers.

Editor: Alastair McIntyre | Cinematographer: Gilbert Taylor | Screenwriter: Roman Polanski, Gérard Brach / Based on the novel by David Stone
Cast: Catherine Deneuve, Ian Hendry, John Fraser