Autism: One Man's Journey | Denver Film Society

Autism: One Man's Journey

36 min


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Autism: One Man’s Journey is a documentary and memoir about Scott Michael Klumb,
a filmmaker diagnosed with autism at age 23. Scott takes viewers on a journey,
wanting to bring awareness to the issues related to late diagnosis; and not
understanding what was “wrong” with him for most of his life. This is a story of
hardship, perseverance, and hope. It is a story of inspiration including Scott’s
personal interview with Dr. Temple Grandin, one of the world’s most accomplished
and well-known adults with autism.

Scott filmed, edited and produced this inspiring autobiographical film with the hope
to reassure late diagnosis autistics that they are not alone, there is support for them
too, and that it is possible to connect with people who care. Showing how pushing
himself to address challenging situations and emotions, Autism: One Man’s Journey
proves that an autistic person can hone their strengths and abilities to create a meaningful life and

The Autism Society of Colorado is excited to present the film premiere screening of
this documentary. All proceeds will benefit the Autism
Society of Colorado, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all
touched by autism.

Join us for a pre-film Silent Auction at 6pm. Filmmaker Scott Michael Klumb will host
a Q&A immediately after the film with a reception to follow in the theater lounge.

Autism: One Man's Journey - Official Trailer from SMK Media on Vimeo.