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Colorado Dragon Film Festival: Colorado Showcase

75 min


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Join us for narrative and documentary shorts exploring wellness in outdoor sports, arts, motherhood, and LGBT communities. Meet our filmmakers after the screenings and learn how they’re connecting Colorado to diverse cultures! Films include Cecilia Wu's For Tashi, Roma Sur's MA, Marin Lapore's I Put the Bi in Bitter, Jessica McGaugh's The Rock Within and Forest Woodward's (people) of water.

For Tashi
With this project, the two female artists Rebecca Ruige Xu and Jiayue Cecilia Wu attempt to create a representation of physical, emotional and psychological journey that a woman goes through when losing her baby prematurely. It depicts the physical trauma inside a woman’s body, hinting the complex emotions she feels while experiencing this emotional and psychological turmoil before she might reach her relative acceptance of this profound loss.

The artists are motivated to share this deeply personal and emotional experience through music and art in the hope to raise public awareness of the impact of miscarriage on a woman’s mental and physical health, which is often unspoken, misunderstood, and otherwise overlooked in our society. Furthermore, the artists wish to bring attention to the importance of women's prenatal and mental care, as well as the support and assistance needed by survivors of baby loss and their families.

‘Ma’ is a short documentary following a septuagenarian on her road to recovery, from Kolkata to Niagara falls. At the age of eighty, she lives alone, teaches three to four hours everyday and dreams of seeing the Niagara falls one day. ‘Ma’ explores themes of loneliness, spiritualism and the definition of family. The film is shot over a period of a year and a half, traveling from Kolkata, to Jaipur, to Denver to New York.

I Put the Bi in Bitter
After coming to terms with her bisexuality, Sam attempts to be out and start fresh Junior year, but still struggles to deal with constant heteronormativity. Created by a majority female cast and crew, "I Put the Bi in Bitter" is a cute and lighthearted comedy that follows a bisexual teenager and her lesbian BFF as they navigate high school, deal with friendship/crushes, and all the other shenanigans and awkward moments that come from being young. Season 2 follows the same group of characters, right where Season 1 left off.

The Rock Within
A traditional East Indian American determined to give her only child a sibling, risks her cross-cultural friendship, her family, and her career to define herself beyond motherhood.

(People) of Water
For thousands of years, outrigger canoes have been a part of diverse cultures and people around the world. (people) of water follows the story of Rob Prechtl, a member of the us men’s raft team, as they embark on a journey to learn the craft of outrigger paddling by traveling from the rivers of Colorado to the ocean off the coast of Kauai.

Not Pictured
In the summer of 2019, ten Film & Television (FITV) majors and one Music & Entertainment Studies (MEIS) major, from CU Denver’s College of Arts & Media (CAM), traveled with FITV Faculty member, Roma Sur, to Mumbai, India. During a two-week period, they collaborated with India’s top film school, Whistling Woods International (WWI), to produce a fifteen minute film. The team wrote an original bilingual short screenplay, in Bengali (an East Indian language) and in English, while in Denver.