Inside The Programmer's Mind: Krisha | Denver Film Society | Trey Edward Shults | USA

Inside The Programmer's Mind: Krisha

Trey Edward Shults

EnglishUSA201583 minDCP


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Screens Monday, February 10 at 7pm at the Sie!

FREE for Denver Film Members, $5 for their guests , $7 for non-members

Inside The Programmer's Mind is our Jan/Feb/Mar Denver Film Member screening series set to crack open the gourds of our Denver Film Festival programmers and put them to task to select a film that they championed in a previous DFF, and tell us why and exactly what goes into selecting a title and getting it on screen, sometimes even amid controversy.
Matt Campbell - Artistic Director of Festivals - takes the reins tonight to present his film while Britta Erickson - Denver Film Festival Director - shows us her cards on March 10.

Krisha is the story of a woman’s return to the family she abandoned years before, set entirely over the course of one turbulent Thanksgiving.
When Krisha shows up at her sister’s Texas home on Thanksgiving morning, her close and extended family greet her with a mixture of warmth and wariness. Almost immediately, a palpable unease permeates the air, one which only grows in force as Krisha gets to work cooking the turkey and trying to make up for lost time by catching up with her various relatives, chief among them her nephew, Trey. As Krisha's attempts at reconciliation become increasingly rebuffed, tension and suspicion reach their peak, with long-buried secrets and deep-seated resentments coming to the fore as everyone becomes immersed in an emotionally charged familial reckoning.

Editor: Trey Edward Shults | Cinematographer: Drew Daniels | Screenwriter: Trey Edward Shults
Cast: Krisha Fairchild, Alex Dobrenko, Robyn Fairchild