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Inside The Programmer's Mind: Best Worst Movie

Documentary, Filmmaking Focus

EnglishUSA200993 minDCP


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Screens Wednesday, January 15 at 7pm at the Sie!
With post-film Skype Q&A with director and subject Michael Paul Stephenson

FREE for Denver Film Members, $5 for their guests , $7 for non-members

Inside The Programmer's Mind is our Jan/Feb/Mar Denver Film Member screening series set to crack open the gourds of our Denver Film Festival programmers and put them to task to select a film that they championed in a previous DFF, and tell us why and exactly what goes into selecting a title and getting it on screen, sometimes even amid controversy.
Keith Garcia - Artistic Director of the Sie FilmCenter takes the reins this month while Matt Campbell - Artistic Director of Festivals - presents his film on February 10 and Britta Erickson - Denver Film Festival Director - shows us her cards on March 10.

This documentary looks back at the making of the film Troll 2 from the perspective of its former child actor star, Michael Stephenson. In 1989, a group of actors and an Italian production crew join forces to produce a slice of unwitting cinematic history. Stephenson and those involved with the ill-fated sequel tell the story of Italian director Claudio Fragasso's B-movie classic, among them the Alabama dentist who became a cult star because of his one famous, immortal line.

Editor: Katie Graham, Andrew Matthews | Cinematographer: Katie Graham, Carl Indriago
Cast: Michael Paul Stephenson, George Hardy, Lily Hardy, Pita Ray