Cinema Noir Et Blanc: Le Jour Se Leve | Denver Film Society | Marcel Carné | France

Cinema Noir Et Blanc: Le Jour Se Leve

Marcel Carné

Crime, Drama, Foreign, Romance

FrenchEnglish SubtitlesFrance193993 minDCP


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Saturday, January 25 at 1pm, part of Cinema Noir Et Blanc

With an introduction and post film discussion by Howie Movshovitz

In visual terms, Le Jour Se Leve is about narrow verticality. At the outset, Marcel Carné and art director Alexandre Trauner emphasize the singular height of a building – where on the top floor François (Jean Gabin) awaits the repercussions of killing a man. It’s hard to get up the tight staircase that leads to his room, but as you see soon enough, it’s easy to tumble down.

Editor: René Le Hénaff | Cinematographer: Philippe Agostini, André Bac, Albert Viguier, Curt Courant | Screenwriter: Jacques Viot, Jacques Prévert
Cast: Jean Gabin, Jacqueline Laurent, Arletty