Big Gay Matinee! Death Becomes Her | Denver Film Society | Robert Zemeckis | USA

Big Gay Matinee! Death Becomes Her

Robert Zemeckis

EnglishUSA1992104 minDCPRating: PG-13


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Saturday, December 14 at 1pm at the Sie!

Presented by CinemaQ

With a special pre-film drag performance by Sexy Sadie and Heavenly Powers!

Join us in celebrating the gay cult classics every month at our Big Gay Matinee, presented by CinemaQ! Gay up your Saturday afternoon as we look at what makes some films catnip for gay audiences. You don't have to be gay to enjoy these cinematic treats... BUT IT HELPS! Come early for pre-show entertainment, drink specials and more hosted by Keith Garcia and friends!

Y'all straight folks can thank us gays for the Meryl Streep of The Devil Wears Prada because if it wasn't for our embracing her roles in She-Devil and Death Becomes Her and turning them into gay cult canon, we may have ended up with someone far less superior as Amanda Priestley and what a shame that would be. "But what is Goldie Hawn, chopped liver?" you snap, no, or course not. Without her meaty role in this comedy classic Meryl loses her "raison d'etre" but Goldie had already established her comedy chops, Meryl had to get there and here, OH SHE GETS THERE.

About Death Becomes Her:
When a novelist (Goldie Hawn) loses her man (Bruce Willis) to a movie star and former friend (Meryl Streep), she winds up in a psychiatric hospital. Years later, she returns home to confront the now-married couple, looking radiant. Her ex-husband's new wife wants to know her secret, and discovers that she has been taking a mysterious drug which grants eternal life to the person who drinks it. The actress follows suit, but discovers that immortality has a price.

Cinematographer: Dean Cundey | Screenwriter: Martin Donovan, David Koepp
Cast: Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis, Goldie Hawn, Isabella Rossellini,