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Mati Diop

African/Af. Amer, Drama, Romance

Contemporary World Cinema

WolofEnglish SubtitlesFrance2019104 min


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Ada is set to marry the wealthy but uninspiring Omar in 10 days, but her heart belongs to Souleiman, a construction worker who hasn’t been paid in months, despite his work on a massive skyscraper that’s taking shape on the Senegalese coast. When Souleiman realizes he has no options in Dakar, he boards a rickety open boat with a group of similarly disenfranchised young men and sets sail for Spain in hopes of making a better life for itself.

But first-time feature director Mati Diop doesn’t follow Souleiman on his risky journey; she focuses instead on the women he and his comrades have left behind. Ada—who must keep her grief over her doomed affair to herself—becomes a suspect in a crime that’s committed at her own wedding even as a mysterious illness strikes her and her sisters in abandonment. Meanwhile, reports that the men have secretly returned home begin to spread. Atlantics, which took the Grand Prix at Cannes, unfolds as an atmospheric, romantic, and creepy ghost story.

Editor: Aël Dallier Vega | Cinematographer: Claire Mathon | Screenwriter: Mati Diop, Olivier Demangel
Cast: Abdou Balde, Aminata Kane, Ibrahima Mbaye, Mame Bineta Sane, Amadou Mbow, 
Additional Countries: Senegal, Belgium

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