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The Fever

A febre

Maya Da-Rin

Drama, Family Issues, Social Issues

PortugueseEnglish SubtitlesBrazil201998 min


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As a young man, Justino left his home with the indigenous Desana tribe in the Amazon rainforest to make a living in the industrial city of Manaus. Now a security guard at the cargo port, the middle-aged widower keeps company mainly with his youngest daughter Vanessa, a nurse at a health clinic who is preparing to go to a medical school in faraway Brasília.

But Vanessa is increasingly alarmed by her father’s own health as he’s overcome by a strong fever. By day, he fights to stay awake at work; by night, a mysterious creature follows his footsteps. In the void left by the death of his wife and, soon, the departure of his child, the disease seems perhaps to stem from unease as to his place in the world: Never fully comfortable in the urban jungle and far from his native village in the forest, Justino no longer has a place to call home.

Co-writer/director Maya Da-Rin has superimposed elements of the supernatural onto an all-too-real backdrop of environmental destruction in the rainforest to yield an eloquent Brazilian drama whose exploration of loss resonates on myriad levels.

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Producer: Maya Da-Rin, Juliette Lepoutre, Leonardo Mecchi | Editor: Karen Akerman | Cinematographer: Barbara Alvarez | Screenwriter: Pedro Cesarino, Maya Da-Rin, Miguel Seabra Lopes
Cast: Regis Myrupu, Rosa Peixoto
Additional Countries: France, Germany