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Amazonia Groove

Amazônia groove

Bruno Murtinho


PortugueseEnglish SubtitlesBrazil201885 min


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Street singers, fishermen, poets, and professors fill the landscape of this lush documentary with the rhythms and melodies of Brazil, the rich musical heritage of which encompasses styles as diverse as the bossa nova and tecnobrega. Director Bruno Murtinho captures the natural beauty of the Amazon River as it flows from the Andes Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean; along the way, he interviews artists who share their culture and faith as well as their talents.

For them, nature provides musical inspiration. With the rainforest under siege, Brazilians lament the tragic loss of habitat by writing protest songs to describe the enduring pain of deforestation; one musician goes into the jungle with his son to record the sounds of birds, wind, and water and then bases his compositions on the harmonic patterns he discerns. Meanwhile, Murtinho travels to urban as well as rural areas to chronicle performances at churches, theaters, and nightclubs, finding the groove wherever he goes.

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Producer: Leonardo Edde | Editor: Pablo Ribeiro | Cinematographer: Jacques Cheuiche | Screenwriter: Bruno Murtinho, Leonardo Gudel
Cast: Sebastião Tapajós, Gina Lobrista, Waldo Squash, Mestre Damasceno