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Manila Is Full Of Men Named Boy

Andrew Stephen Lee

TagalogEnglish SubtitlesPhilippines201821 min


As Michael Jackson’s televised funeral plays throughout The Philippines despite terrorist attacks in the south, an estranged son purchases a child who can drink and smoke to impress his father. However, when the patriarch and his friends embrace the new child as one of their own, the question must be asked: What determines who is more deserving of attention?

Producer: Caleb Negassa, Valerie Castillo-Martinez, Mica Coburn, Carlo Francisco Manatad | Editor: Andrew Stephen Lee | Cinematographer: Andrew Crighton | Screenwriter: Andrew Stephen Lee, Neda jebelli, and Emre Gulcan
Cast: Jon Norman Schneider, Rafael Roco Jr., Reynald Raissel Santos
Additional Countries: USA

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