House of Hummingbird (Beol-sae) | Denver Film Society | Bora Kim | South Korea

House of Hummingbird


Bora Kim

Asian, Coming of Age, Drama

KoreanEnglish SubtitlesSouth Korea2018138 min


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In his introduction to an interview with first-time feature filmmaker Bora Kim, writer Peter Kim George observes that “Hummingbird is as much a coming-of-age story for Korea as it is for [protagonist] Eun-hee,” set as it is in a rapidly modernizing Seoul circa 1994. That’s no doubt true, but the political and sociocultural context in which this perceptive and earnest drama unfolds doesn’t make the growing pains of the 14-year-old girl at its center feel any less timeless or universal.

Eun-hee, you see, is lonely. At a turning point in adolescence where she could desperately use some support, her difficult family is in no position to offer it. So she seeks from the outside world the compassion and companionship she doesn’t get at home—with mixed results among friends, crushes, and teachers. Until, that is, Young-yi comes along. Eun-hee’s new tutor is also her kindred spirit and a guiding light across the threshold of adulthood.

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Producer: Zoe Sua Cho, Bora Kim | Editor: Zoe Sua Cho | Cinematographer: Guk-hyun Kang | Screenwriter: Bora Kim
Cast: In-gi Jeong, Sae-byeok Kim, Seung-Yun Lee, Ji-hu Park