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Wagner Moura

Drama, Historical/Period, Thriller

CineLatinx, Contemporary World Cinema, Focus on a National Cinema: Brazil

PortugueseEnglish SubtitlesBrazil2019155 min


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“Are you a Maoist, a Trotskyist, or a Leninist?” a French journalist asks Carlos Marighella in this biopic from actor-turned-filmmaker Wagner Moura (Elite Squad, Narcos). The leftist revolutionary’s answer—“I’m a Brazilian”—serves as an unsurprising but determinedly inspiring motto for the final five years of Marighella’s life.

Rewind to 1964: Brazil’s democratically elected Communist government is overthrown by the military, and the ensuing suspension of civil rights spurs Marighella, a longtime activist and poet, into a violent armed struggle. Though a handful of revolutionary groups support his efforts, it’s an ongoing fight to win the support of the broader population while evading capture by the brutal junta. To add to his plight, Marighella must also reckon with the fact that his commitment to dignity and justice has led to violence and terror—as well as separation from his beloved son.

In drawing some not-so-subtle parallels to Brazil’s current government, Moura’s sprawling epic has created major controversy in his homeland.

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Producer: Andrea Barata Ribeiro, Bel Berlinck, Wagner Moura | Editor: Lucas Gonzaga | Cinematographer: Adrian Teijido | Screenwriter: Felipe Braga, Wagner Moura, George Walker Torres, Erez Milgrom
Cast: Seu Jorge, Bella Camero, Herson Capri, Humberto Carrão, Tuna Dwek

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