Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway | Denver Film Society | Miguel Llansó | Spain

Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway

Miguel Llansó

Cult, Dark Comedy, Sci-Fi

Contemporary World Cinema, Late Night Showcase

EnglishSpain201983 min


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Spanish director Miguel Llansó (Crumbs, DFF38) proves that a pastiche of retro B-movie genres can, in the right hands, result in arthouse transcendence. This gonzo sci-fi spy flick has it all: romance, danger, political intrigue, scientific experiments, time travel, kung fu, holograms, and delicious thin-crust pizza.

It begins in a CIA lab, where agents D.T. Gagano and Palmer Eldritch are transported into a virtual world to combat a computer virus being spread by the Soviets. Unbeknownst to him, Gagano is considered to be an expendable asset by his superiors; when his mission inevitably goes awry, he finds himself stuck in his alternate universe. It’s a fate all the more cruel considering it was supposed to be his last: His dream is to live by the sea with his zaftig sweetheart Malin, running a pizzeria while she runs her kickboxing studio.

How he extricates himself from this tight spot is virtually indescribable, but rest assured it involves a devious fellow named Mister Sophistication, an equally evil Batman, Joseph Stalin, Richard Pryor, and a man dressed like a housefly with laser-beam eyes who may or may not be Jesus.

Producer: Miguel Llansó, Mesereta Argaw, Liis Nimik, Kristjan Pütsep | Editor: Velasco Broca | Cinematographer: Michal Babinec, Erik Põllumaa, Israel Seoane | Screenwriter: Miguel Llansó
Cast: Daniel Tadesse, Guillermo Llansó, Agustín Mateo, Gerda-Annette Allikas
Additional Countries: Estonia, Ethiopoa, Latvia, Romania

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