The Stolen Caravaggio (Una storia senza nome) | Denver Film Society | Roberto Andò | Italy

The Stolen Caravaggio

Una storia senza nome

Roberto Andò

ItalianEnglish SubtitlesItaly2018110 min


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Roman screenwriter Alessandro has the film world hornswoggled: He’s highly sought after for his talents and has secured both financing and a famed director to shoot his next script, but he hasn’t actually written a word in years.

That job is being done by his longtime ghostwriter Valeria, an unobtrusive presence who lives with her overbearing mother while pining for her fraudulent taskmaster. How she’s doing it is another question: While Alessandro struggles to usher the project into production, Valeria is drawing her inspiration from a mysterious source who approaches her with a tale about the Mafia’s 1969 theft of a famous painting—but the stranger only doles out one scene at a time.

Italian director Roberto Andò’s beautifully shot, multilayered film within a film mixes drama, thriller, and mystery with a healthy dose of satire.

Sponsored by Anna & John J. Sie Foundation, Anna Maglione-Sie Endowment in Italian Culture University of Denver, Istituto Italiano di Cultura Chicago, University of Denver College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Languages & Literatures, DC Pie CO

Additional FREE screening at the DU-Davis Auditorium in Strum Hall, Wed Nov 6 6:00pm

Producer: Angelo Barbagallo, Paolo Del Brocco, Patrick Sobelman | Editor: Esmeralda Calabria | Cinematographer: Maurizio Calvesi | Screenwriter: Roberto Andò, Angelo Pasquini
Cast: Jerzy Skolimowski, Laura Morante, Alessandro Gassmann
Additional Countries: France

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