The Infiltrators | Denver Film Society | Cristina Ibarra | Alex Rivera | USA

The Infiltrators

Cristina Ibarra, Alex Rivera

Immigration, Social Issues

EnglishUSA201995 min


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Claudio Rojas lived and worked in Miami peacefully for a decade before he was detained by ICE and sent to Broward Transitional Center. The shadowy, for-profit Florida detention facility houses undocumented immigrants for months—and sometimes years—without due process.

Enter Marco Saavedra and Viridiana Martinez, young activists willing to subject themselves to incarceration in order to gather information about detainees and pass it along to outside advocates who can then mount public campaigns for their release. It’s alarmingly easy for the two to turn themselves in—though in one bitterly comical scene, the well-put-together Martinez is denied arrest until she dresses down and affects broken English.

Because co-writers/directors Cristina Ibarra and Alex Rivera were unable to film inside the detention center, they combine re-enactments with interviews and real-time footage in this experimental documentary that’s even more relevant now than when it was filmed in 2012.

Sponsored by Colorado Office of Film, Television & Media

Producer: Daniel J. Chalfen, Darren Dean, Cristina Ibarra, Alex Rivera | Editor: Randy Redroad, Alexander Rivera | Cinematographer: Lisa Rinzler | Screenwriter: Cristina Ibarra, Alexander Rivera, Aldo Velasco
Cast: Mohammad Abdollahi, Maynor Alvarado, Roman Arabia, Scott Broderick