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Nv ta

Zhou Shengwei

Animated, Social Issues, Women's Issues

Contemporary World Cinema, Late Night Showcase

ChineseEnglish SubtitlesChina201895 min


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In an authoritarian dystopia dominated by male shoes, female shoes are forbidden to work—or even to exist: Brightly colored baby-girl flats are quickly transformed into the dark loafers that work in the state cigarette factory. But in one birth prison, a brave high-heeled mother manages to kill the warden and escape, saving her daughter from forced transformation.

To feed her child the socks she needs to survive, the high heel uses the warden’s leather exterior as a disguise and goes to work in the factory. But when her identity is exposed, she is ruthlessly tortured by her colleagues and superiors. Will she be able to summon the energy to avenge herself and protect her daughter? This feat of stop-motion animation from Chinese filmmaker Zhou Shengwei unfolds as a visually dazzling fable.

Producer: Peng Feng, Zhou Shengwei, Li Yujian | Editor: Zhou Shengwei | Cinematographer: Zhou Shengwei | Screenwriter: Zhou Shengwei
Cast: Lv Fuyang

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