Well Groomed | Denver Film Society | Rebecca Stern | USA

Well Groomed

Rebecca Stern

Animals, Art/Filmmaking, Family Friendly, Sports

Dutch, RussianEnglish SubtitlesUSA201985 min


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Following champion groomers and their gorgeous, vibrant dogs through a year in the life on the competition circuit, this humorous and visually stunning documentary explores one of America’s most colorful subcultures.

From South Carolina to California, New York to Arkansas, director Rebecca Stern trains her lens on dog groomers at home and in the showrooms where they meet, bond, and compete. Perpetual runner-up Adriane has an intense drive to prove herself a winner despite her reputation for kindheartedness. Nicole hopes to connect with people in the grooming community as much as she connects with her pets. Cat is a champion in the ring, but she struggles with her responsibilities in the real world. And Angela—with her innovative beauty products and serious skills—maintains the swagger that comes from success.

As they find creative inspiration in mundane circumstances and sisterhood in unlikely places, these women have surprising answers to the age-old question: What is art, and who has the authority to define it?

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Producer: Rebecca Stern, Justin Levy, Matthew C. Mills | Editor: Katharina Stroh | Cinematographer: Alexander W. Lewis | Screenwriter: Rebecca Stern
Cast: Adriane Pope, Nicole Beckman, Cat Opson, Angela Kumpe