Mr. Toilet: The World's #2 Man | Denver Film Society | Lily Zepeda | USA

Mr. Toilet: The World's #2 Man

Lily Zepeda

EnglishUSA201986 min


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While the rest of us fear that the world is going down the toilet, one man relishes the prospect: Jack Sim.

Born in the slums of Singapore, this campaigner for global sanitation himself grew up without access to a proper bathroom, and he knows that it isn’t just an inconvenience: It’s a danger that impacts 2.4 billion people, for whom the odds of a diarrhea-related death are the same as those of a fatal car accident. In India alone, 200,000 children die each year from waste pollution, and rapes perpetrated against women defecating in public spaces are a common occurrence.

To combat the crisis, Sim founded the World Toilet Organization—and he has made some headway, for instance by lobbying the United Nations to create World Toilet Day. His success is due in part to the savvy humor with which he approaches his job: His own kids describe him as a 12-year-old trapped in a 60-year-old’s body as he strives to “turn poop culture into pop culture.”

But in tackling his biggest challenge yet—the “Clean India” initiative—he puts his project, his reputation, and even his personal life on the line. Just as his dedicated staff is beginning to doubt his leadership, so his neglected family has wearied of making sacrifices on the altar of the toilet. Is Sim’s crusade turning into a shit-show? Find out in Lily Zepeda’s surprisingly funny, heartfelt, and complex documentary.

Lily Zepeda and Mr. Toilet (Jack Sim) will be in attendance

Producer: Lily Zepeda, Tchavdar Georgiev, Eugene Efuni | Editor: Hee-Jae Park, Monique Zavistovski | Cinematographer: Khairulhakim Mohamad Bashir, Mrinal Desai, Siyan Liu, Saptarshi Roy | Screenwriter: Lily Zepeda, Tchavdar Georgiev, Hee-Jae Park, Monique Zavistovski
Cast: Jack Sim, Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak 

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