A Girl From Mogadishu | Denver Film Society | Mary McGuckian | Ireland

A Girl From Mogadishu

Mary McGuckian

English, SomaliEnglish SubtitlesIreland2019112 min


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Circumcised at age eight. Raped by wandering militiamen at age 12. Fully infibulated at age 13 and married off to a 50-year-old man who regularly beat her. Ifrah Ahmed could have been just one more nameless, faceless victim in the annals of war-torn Somalia. Instead she became an international heroine.

This enlightening biopic traces Ahmed’s extraordinary journey from home to Dublin, Ireland, where she’s eager to put her traumatic past behind her—until, that is, a routine medical smear test elicits such looks of horror on the faces of her doctors that she’s forced to confront what happened to her: first with shame, then with anger, and finally with a thirst for justice.

Learning English and mastering social media with astonishing speed, she begins to campaign for the rights of asylum seekers in Ireland and, within months, becomes a leading activist against gender-based violence, fighting for a ban on the practice of female genital mutilation worldwide. So she remains today.

Sponsored by Sheila K. O’Brien, British Airways, Barbara Bridges, Baird, UK Government Office – Denver, IBCircle, Friends of UNFPA, Queen City Optical Provisions, Women’s Foundation of Colorado, Helliemae’s, KIND Snacks, Capital One Café

Producer: Mary McGuckian, Adrian Politowski | Cinematographer: Michael Lavelle | Screenwriter: Mary McGuckian
Cast: Aja Naomi King, Barkhad Abdi, Martha Canga Antonio
Additional Countries: Belgium, Somalia

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