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Song Without a Name

Cancion sin nombre

Melina León

Drama, Family Issues, Women's Issues

CineLatinx, Contemporary World Cinema, Women+Film

Spanish, QuechuaEnglish SubtitlesPeru201897 min


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The comparisons being drawn by critics between Peruvian writer/director Melina León’s feature debut and Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma are inevitable, given that both feature luminous black-and-white cinematography, an indigenous female protagonist, and autobiographical source material. In this case, León’s father, a journalist, broke the 1981 story of a child-trafficking ring on which her heartrending crime drama is loosely based.

Georgina is a young Quecha woman who barely scrapes by selling potatoes at the market on the outskirts of Lima; she and her husband, Leo, are preparing for the arrival of their first child. Lured to a private clinic that advertises free health care for pregnant women, she gives birth to a daughter, who is immediately whisked away for observation; Georgina is discharged with instructions to return the next day to take her child home. When she goes back, however, the clinic is boarded up and abandoned. Faced with indifferent officials and the threat of violence at the hands of both police and terrorist groups, the couple must now enlist the help of Pedro, a fellow outsider and a reporter, to search for the child who was snatched away from them.

Sponsored by Barbara Bridges, Friends of UNFPA, Queen City Optical, Women’s Foundation of Colorado, Helliemae’s, KIND Snacks, Capital One Café, Colorado Office of Film, Television & Media

Producer: Inti Briones, Melina León, Michael J. White | Editor: Melina León, Manuel Bauer | Cinematographer: Inti Briones | Screenwriter: Melina León, Michael J. White
Cast: Pamela Mendoza, Tommy Párraga, Lucio Rojas, Ruth Armas, Maykol Hernández

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