Nightcrawlers | Denver Film Society | Stephen McCoy | USA


Stephen McCoy

Art/Filmmaking, Biographical, Social Issues

EnglishUSA201875 min


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In 2011, shortly after the death of his father, high-school student Stephen McCoy set out to make a documentary about the homeless population in downtown Boston, dubbing the outcasts and junkies whose lives he captured with his camcorder “nightcrawlers.” Little did the budding filmmaker know that, a few years later, he’d be one of them.

Curated from almost 80 hours of tapes, this searing video diary captures his metamorphosis from chronicler of society’s down and out to autobiographer of a cautionary tale about homelessness and heroin addiction. Along the way, McCoy offers a compelling glimpse into the underbelly of post-recession America, where paranoia and poverty grabbed hold of him—along with so many others—and never let go.

Kevin Ronca, Luc Benson, Stephen McCoy and Demie Santone will be at the 11/1 and 11/2 screenings

Producer: Kevin Ronca, Nickolas Jasper, Nathan Rickard | Editor: Luc Benson | Cinematographer: Stephen McCoy