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Mark Jenkin

Avant Garde/Experimental, Drama, Social Issues

Contemporary World Cinema, Sheila K. O’Brien Spotlight on UK/Ireland Cinema

EnglishUnited Kingdom201989 min


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Martin is a fisherman in a small Cornish village, and he’s at war with everyone: Londoners leaving the city to clutter his beloved coast with their holiday homes, neighbors who too readily accede to the forces of gentrification, and even his own brother, who has commandeered the family boat to ferry obnoxious, inebriated tourists along the picturesque coastline. Where will it all end?

The conflict between tradition and modernity is nothing new in cinema, and this startling drama about the clash of values is made even more timeless thanks to its production: First-time feature director Mark Jenkin shot the black-and-white footage on a 1976 Bolex camera, then hand-processed the 16mm film to yield the scratchy, jumpy feel of old movies. Were it not for the modern settings and experimental montages, viewers might think they were watching a couple of nineteenth-century salts bluster and blow their way to a violent confrontation.

Sponsored by Sheila K. O’Brien, British Airways, Baird, UK Government Office – Denver, IBCircle

Producer: Kate Byers, Linn Waite | Editor: Mark Jenkin | Cinematographer: Mark Jenkin | Screenwriter: Mark Jenkin
Cast: Morgan Val Baker, Georgia Ellery, Martin Ellis, Chloe Endean, Stacey Guthrie

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