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The Invisible Witness

Il testimone invisibile

Stefano Mordini

ItalianEnglish SubtitlesItaly2018102 min


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This juicy Italian remake of a hit Spanish murder mystery revives two tropes of the classic whodunit. One is the interrogation-room setting: It takes place entirely in the apartment of the suspect who swears he’s innocent, Adriano, over the course of a three-hour strategy session with Virginia, the attorney who will defend him in court. The other is delightfully unreliable narration: As lawyer and client trade theories about the crime, viewers are treated to multiple versions thereof in flashback—each layered with still other crimes and cover-ups.

But which version is true, and who knows it? Adriano, the businessman with the fate of an international company in his hands? Or Virginia, who’s prone to such cryptic pronouncements as “There’s no salvation without suffering”? What about the victims themselves—including Laura, Adriano’s jilted mistress, and the boy whose car the star-crossed lovers hit en route home from their last tryst? Or the potential witnesses they encountered along the way, including members of the boy’s own family? Director/co-writer Stefano Mordini doesn’t pull back the curtain to reveal the answers a moment too soon.

Sponsored by Anna & John J. Sie Foundation, Anna Maglione-Sie Endowment in Italian Culture University of Denver, Istituto Italiano di Cultura Chicago, University of Denver College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Languages & Literatures, DC Pie CO

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Producer: Roberto Sessa | Editor: Massimo Fiocchi | Cinematographer: Luigi Martinucci | Screenwriter: Oriol Paulo, Stefano Mordini, Massimiliano Cantoni
Cast: Riccardo Scamarcio, Miriam Leone, Maria Paiato, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Sara Cardinaletti

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