The Gasoline Thieves (Huachicolero) | Denver Film Society | Edgar Nito | Mexico

The Gasoline Thieves


Edgar Nito

SpanishEnglish SubtitlesMexico201993 min


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In Mexico, there’s a word for the gangsters who siphon fuel from government pipelines and sell it on the black market: huachicoleros. The job is as dangerous as the slang term is colorful, but 14-year-old Lalo hopes that crime will pay: For a poor farmhand such as himself, it’s as promising a route to fast cash as any—and money, in turn, is the key to winning over his beloved classmate Ana.

He’s not the only gasoline thief who’s banking on that rags-to-romance scheme, however. As the competition for Ana’s affection heats up and the law closes in, the stage is set for an explosive outcome in this gritty, visually arresting drama from director/co-writer Edgar Nito, whose feature-length debut has already earned him strong buzz on the festival circuit.

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Producer: Victor Leycegui, Annick Mahnert, Joshua Sobel | Editor: Sam Baixauli, Sam Baux | Cinematographer: Juan Pablo Ramírez | Screenwriter: Alfredo Mendoza, Edgar Nito
Cast: Leonardo Alonso, Eduardo Banda, Fernando Becerril, Myriam Bravo, Waldo Facco
Additional Countries: USA, UK, Spain

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