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Scheme Birds

Ellen Fiske, Ellinor Hallin

Coming of Age, Social Issues

Documentary, Sheila K. O’Brien Spotlight on UK/Ireland Cinema, Women+Film

EnglishUnited Kingdom201890 min


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Growing up on the hardscrabble outskirts of Glasgow, teenaged Gemma has already seen enough trouble to last a lifetime. But there’s so much more to come in this startling documentary from Swedish filmmakers Ellen Fiske and Ellinor Hallin, who dare to show their subject just as she is—thereby doing her the clear-eyed but compassionate justice she deserves.

A rosy future Gemma has not got. She doesn’t see the horizon past the government housing projects she’s always called home, where crime and violence are part of the scenery. Her grandfather, who has raised her from infancy along with his homing pigeons, does his best to keep her on the straight and narrow. But he knows it’s ultimately her responsibility to change. And perhaps, with a young child to care for now, so does she.

Sponsored by Sheila K. O’Brien, British Airways, Barbara Bridges, Baird, UK Government Office – Denver, IBCircle, Friends of UNFPA, Queen City Optical, Women’s Foundation of Colorado, Helliemae’s, KIND Snacks, Capital One Café

Producer: Mario Adamson, Ruth Reid, Mark Thomas | Editor: Hanna Lejonqvist | Cinematographer: Ellinor Hallin | Screenwriter: Ellen Fiske, Ellinor Hallin
Cast: Gemma, Pat, Joseph, Scott, Luke, Amy, John Paul, Maria
Additional Countries: Sweden

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