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The Keeper

Marcus H. Rosenmüller

English, GermanEnglish SubtitlesUnited Kingdom2018120 min


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Bert Trautmann grew up to be a hero in his adopted country of England. As a goalkeeper for Manchester City, he’s celebrated to this day for playing through the 1956 FA Cup finals with a broken neck; in retirement—despite lingering grief over the tragic loss of his first-born son—his charitable works earned him an Order of the British Empire. Yet his road to valor was paved with infamy: He arrived in country as a German POW, having served in the Luftwaffe under Hitler.

In this sepia-toned British-German biopic from director/co-writer Marcus H. Rosenmüller, Trautmann’s astonishing life unfolds as part redemption tale, part gentle romance—with each part informing the other over the course of his courtship with Margaret, the Lancashire girl whose father owned the local football team. What Dad and daughter saw in him—a once-brainwashed young man worthy of a second chance after his stint in a reeducation camp—the world would come to see too.

Sponsored by Sheila K. O’Brien, British Airways, Baird, UK Government Office – Denver, IBCircle
In cooperation with Denver Jewish Film Festival

Producer: Chris Curling, Robert Marciniak, Steve Milne | Editor: Alexander Berner | Cinematographer: Daniel Gottschalk | Screenwriter: Marcus H. Rosenmüller, Nicholas J. Schofield
Cast: David Kross, Freya Mavor, John Henshaw, Harry Melling, Michael Socha, Dave JohnsFreya MavorJohn HenshawHarry MellingMichael Socha
Additional Countries: Germany

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