Fire Escape | Denver Film Society

Fire Escape

90 min


No upcoming showtimes scheduled.


BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! The hit sold out immersive experience of the 2018 festival returns!

15 Individuals at a time. 60 minute session. AT THE MCNICHOLS BUILDING. 144 W. COLFAX!

When the clock strikes eight in Brooklyn, a suspenseful drama begins to unfold in real-time. Eight disenfranchised building tenants are entangled in a murder; you must embrace your voyeuristic tendencies and peer into their lives in this interactive series in order to discover the riveting truth.

Director: Navid Khonsari
Producers: Vassiliki Khonsari, Andres Perez-Duarte, Sam Butin
Cast: Ethan Rains, ASMR Darling, Edward Jackson, Michelle Lukes, Olivia Preciado, Tanya Henderson, Giselle Gilbert, Todd Soley, Shirley Dalmas, Jessie Pimentel