Mister America | Denver Film Society | Eric Notarnicola | USA

Mister America

Eric Notarnicola

Comedy, Documentary

EnglishUSA201997 min


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One Night Only! Wednesday, October 9 at 7:30pm at the Sie!

A young filmmaker follows Tim Heidecker during the last month of his campaign for San Bernardino County District Attorney. Heidecker, who recently beat a murder charge for selling faulty e-cigarettes at an EDM festival, has mounted the campaign as an act of absurd revenge against the current DA, whom he faced in court. Despite a checkered past and no legal qualifications, he attempts to win over voters by leaning into his personal likability. It does not go well.

Cinematographer: Gabriel Patay | Screenwriter: Tim Heidecker, Eric Notarnicola, Gregg Turkington
Cast: Tim Heidecker, Terri Parks, Gregg Turkington