CinemaQ 2019 Closing Night: Circus of Books | Denver Film Society | Rachel Mason | USA

CinemaQ 2019 Closing Night: Circus of Books

Rachel Mason

EnglishUSA201992 minDCP


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Screens Sunday, July 21, 7:00pm as our Closing Night film in our 2019 CinemaQ Film Festival!

With a pre-film reception in our Henderson-Withey Lounge

In 1976, Karen and Barry Mason had fallen on hard times and were looking for a way to support their young family when they answered an ad in the Los Angeles Times. Larry Flynt was seeking distributors for Hustler Magazine. What was expected to be a brief sideline led to their becoming fully immersed in the LGBT community as they took over a local store, Circus of Books. A decade later, they had become the biggest distributors of gay porn in the US. The film focuses on the double life they led, trying to maintain the balance of being parents at a time when LGBT culture was not yet accepted. Their many challenges included facing jail time for a federal obscenity prosecution and enabling their store to be a place of refuge at the height of the AIDS crisis. Circus of Books offers a rare glimpse into an untold chapter of queer history, and it is told through the lens of the owners' own daughter, Rachel Mason, an artist, filmmaker and musician.

Sponsored By:

CO LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce
Cast: Karen Mason, Barry Mason, Larry Flynt, Rachel Mason, Jeff Stryker, Alaska Thunderfuck