CinemaQ 2019: Queering the Script | Denver Film Society | Gabrielle Zilkha | Canada

CinemaQ 2019: Queering the Script

Gabrielle Zilkha

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Screens Wednesday, July 17, 7:00pm in our 2019 CinemaQ Film Festival!

Producer Stephanie Ouaknine IN-PERSON for a post-film discussion!

“I learned about myself through this show. I saw myself in this character,”explains an enthusiastic fan in Queering the Script,a sparkling celebration of queer fangirls and the shows they love. Queerness on television has moved from subtext,in series such as Xena: Warrior Princess,to all-out multi season relationships between women, as seen on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lost Girl, and Carmilla. But things still aren’t perfect. In 2016, a record number of queer women died on fictional shows, which broke the hearts of queer fans and launched a successful fight for better,more diverse LGTBQ2S+ representation. Stars such as Ilene Chaiken, Stephanie Beatriz, Lucy Lawless and Angelica Ross join with the voices of numerous kickass fangirls in this fast-paced history of queer women’s representation of contemporary television.

Queering the Script not only charts the evolution of queerness, but also demonstrates the extraordinary impact of activism on its many diverse fans,ensuring that they see themselves accurately portrayed onscreen.

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Cast: Lucy Lawless, Ilene Chaiken, Stephanie Beatriz, Angelica Ross
Additional Countries: USA