SeriesFest S5 Independent Pilot Competition: Comedy Block One | Denver Film Society

SeriesFest S5 Independent Pilot Competition: Comedy Block One

102 min


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Friday June 21, 3:45pm & Saturday June 22, 3:15pm

The Book of Craig
Tyler Stuart
Craig, a failed ad man, helps his new homosexual roommate, Jesus Christ, prepare for the rapture and and adjust to life in the modern world. An absurd buddy comedy of biblical proportions.
Colorado Premiere

Michael Marc Friedman, Matt Ferrucci
This dark comedy follows Doug Harper, an Ivy League educated, uptown therapist forced to move his practice to Kensington - the roughest blue collar section of Philadelphia. It's a place where "therapy" is foreign and the people eat lightning, shit thunder and sure as hell thrive on confrontation.
Colorado Premiere

The Filth
Jake Delaney, Cara Fano, Paige Hoffman
Desperately trying (and failing) to navigate their complicated love lives, Stella and Max, two delusional, queer creatives in LA, struggle to make progress while attempting to maintain the only stable relationship they have: their friendship. Featuring a colorful cast of friends and frenemies, The Filth hilariously lives up to its title, a truly filthy mess of hijinks and drama.
US Premiere