SeriesFest S5 Digital Shorts Competition Block Two | Denver Film Society

SeriesFest S5 Digital Shorts Competition Block Two

94 min


  • Tuesday 6/25
  • 12:30 PM Sie FilmCenter Buy Add to My Festival
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    Tuesday June 25, 12:30pm

    Speed Mating
    Creator: Stephen Girasuolo

    In this dark comedy Speed, a New Yorker, finds out he can't naturally impregnate women. He decides to freeze his sperm and try online dating. Will he find his soulmate and the mother to his child before he turns 50?
    World Premiere

    Guess I'm A Ghost
    Creator: Christopher Sullivan

    After an embarrassing last night on earth, Diane is sent back as a ghost to haunt bad Tinder dates, bitter high school friends, and Uber drivers. She'll have to deal with her past mistakes and navigate a red-tape filled afterlife before she can move on to whatever's next.

    Michael and Michael Are Gay
    Creators: Michael J. Feldman, Michael Rachlis

    A surreal look at the lives and misadventures of two sex-positive, same-named husbands. Follow these nervous and nerdy protagonists as they battle a parade of never-ending insecurities (both real and imagined) while trying to make their marriage work in a not-quite-post-equality world.
    Colorado Premiere

    Brothers from the Suburbs
    Creator: Patrick Wimp

    Brothers From the Suburbs is a short-form digital comedy series that chronicles the highs and lows of three black teenagers coming of age in an affluent, suburban, predominantly white private school community.
    World Premiere

    Creators: Graham Wallace, Luke Kelly-Clyne

    Downbeat is a mockumentary series about people in the music industry, but moreover, the idea of the music industry as imagined by these people. Downbeat is an experiment in the world of character studies--a series where each episode follows the life of one compelling musician on the fringe