SeriesFest S5 Independent Pilot Competition: Comedy Block Three | Denver Film Society

SeriesFest S5 Independent Pilot Competition: Comedy Block Three

103 min


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Sunday June 23, 2:00pm and Tuesday June 25, 11:00am

Paramour No More
Creator: Rena Carter

Inspired by a real-life service in China, Paramour No More follows a thriving company that manipulates paramours into ending illicit affairs, a business model based on deceit. When Emily Lee, one of the company’s top Actors, discovers she has a knack for its conniving games, she resorts to shadier tactics to come out on top, with darker outcomes.
World Premiere

Creator: Dean Imperial

John Hammond is ambitious, fiercely driven, deceptively cunning, and born with Proteus Syndrome (like John Merrick a.k.a. “The Elephant Man"). Faced with adversity his whole life, John leaves his home after grad school, doggedly determined to climb the ladder of success in New York City – and find love– against all odds.
Colorado Premiere

Hysterical Women
Creators: Whitney Uland & Nora Kaye

Hysterical Women follows Alexa, the overlooked co-founder of a music marketing firm. When her longtime friend and CEO is accused of sexual assault, Alexa must ask herself what is right for the company, for herself, for her friend, for Feminism. The women in the office are ready for a revolution. Will Alexa have the guts to do anything about it? Can she be the leader they need?
Colorado Premiere