SeriesFest S5 Late Night Competition | Denver Film Society

SeriesFest S5 Late Night Competition

109 min


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Saturday June 22, 9:45pm

Creators: Brent Lydic & Tanner Thomason

In the year 2020, a lone traveler journey's across the apocalyptic wasteland in search of the new world that lies beyond the wall. What he finds along the way might make his goal more trouble than it's worth.
World Premiere

Finding the Asshole
Creators: Melissa Stephens and Tom DeTrinis

Finding The Asshole is like Where’s Waldo, except you’re looking for Waldo in a literal World of Waldo’s. The short features are a Lynchian romp through a playful yet scathing social critique that is at once absurd and haunting and incredibly funny. Finding the Asshole explores the mundane minutiae of the human condition to show how we're all assholes.
Colorado Premiere

Dad Calls Son
Creator: Alex Dobrenko and Phil Kaye

When Janet Rosen suddenly passes away, her now widowed husband Marty and their son Lucas try and build a genuine relationship for the first time in their lives. Over weekly Facetime calls. What starts out as obligation quietly grows into a tradition that is often awkward and sometimes beautiful.
World Premiere

Creator: Joe Kwaczala

A sketch comedy show from the brain of up-and-coming comedian Joe Kwaczala (Comedy Central, IFC, ClickHole.) The essence of the show is his satirical-yet-silly sensibility as a writer, paired with his knack for character acting. Expect sketches featuring parodies, absurdism, dumb jokes, and an overall sense of goofiness. World Premiere

I Adore Dolores
Creators: Sam Marine, Jo Roueiheb and Emily Wilson

In a surreal sitcom world, Dolores - a manic, over-optimistic divorcée - tries to win back her clown stepdaughter by purchasing the apartment building where she lives under house arrest.
World Premiere

Who Are You
Creators: Samuel Roots & Joel Jay Blacker

While trying to construct a machine capable of providing the world’s most accurate personality quiz, three computer engineers in a small garage in Silicon Valley accidentally stumble upon a full-fledged artificial intelligence that can read souls. Colorado Premiere