SeriesFest S5 Independent Pilot Competition: Unscripted Block One | Denver Film Society

SeriesFest S5 Independent Pilot Competition: Unscripted Block One

87 min


This is a past event. This event is no longer available.


Saturday June 22, 12:30pm and Sunday June 23, 8:00pm

Her Turf
Creator: Shantel Hansen and Dean Blandino

Her Turf series ignites conversations around gender pushing back against the ingrained bias that women can’t hold powerful roles. This series challenges current power structures by showing that when women take high level roles, on the field as referees or in the boardrooms of large sports franchises, we all win. Colorado Premiere

Creators: Marriott Content Studio

Using storytelling to illustrate the unique experiences of Marrriott Bonvoy members, Season 2 of StoryBooked follows four artists (musician Aloe Blacc, underwater performance artist and director Julie Gautier, movement artist and choreographer Jon Boogz and Olympian and filmmaker Alexi Pappas) on their personal journeys around the world.

A Cure For Fear
Creator: Lana Wilson

Neuroscientist Dr. Merel Kindt has discovered a cure for phobias using common medication. From animal phobias to PTSD,the potential impact is both profound and dazzlingly complex. A Cure For Fear goes inside Dr. Kindt’s radical treatments as she explores the ethically treacherous grounds of curing our most human ailment.