Seriesfest S5 Independent Pilot Competition: Comedy Block Two | Denver Film Society

Seriesfest S5 Independent Pilot Competition: Comedy Block Two

102 min


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Saturday June 22, 10:00am and Monday June 24, 9:30am.
All Hail Beth
Creators: Misha Calbert

Depressed office assistant Beth wakes up one day to discover she is suddenly and inexplicably an ancient Babylonian Goddess, with all of New York City falling to its knees in worship. Confronting her own shyness and shame, Beth must learn to embrace her divine powers and use them for the benefit of humanity. All Hail Beth is a fantastical comedy about the long and awkward journey towards self-confidence.
World Premiere

Brooklyn Moving Company
Creators: Ryan Harrington, Isaac Himmelman

An upbeat crew of Brooklyn-based furniture movers take it upon themselves to transform the turbulent lives of their unsuspecting clientele through the power of song.
Colorado Premiere

Creator: Nick Kocher

neurotica. is a comedic sci-fi anthology series exploring personal anxieties. Is it like a comedy Black Mirror? I mean, no, not really, but that’s what you’re going to think regardless, so, sure, fine, let’s call it a comedy Black Mirror. In the first episode, “eureka!,” a chronic procrastinator (played by Marvel Cinematic Universe star Karen Gillan) meets an otherworldly being responsible for giving humanity its great ideas.
Colorado Premiere