SeriesFest S5 Independent Pilot Competition: Drama Block One | Denver Film Society

SeriesFest S5 Independent Pilot Competition: Drama Block One

85 min


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Friday June 21, 4:00pm and Sunday June 23, 12:15pm

Edward's Miraculous Book Store
Creators:Annabel Essink & Freek Zonderland

A dusty bookstore travels to children in need of imagination, but its influence is fading. The store finds Pim who is trying to save his parents from divorce. As Pim rediscovers the power of stories, he opens up a far bigger quest. The bookstore is threatened by a charlatan therapist who aspires to steal children’s imagination.
Colorado Premiere

The Well
Creator: Adam Wheeler

After the mysterious disappearance of his mother, a withdrawn bachelor discovers a series of cryptographs in his house and sets off to uncover their meaning, unknowingly threatening the secrecy of a vast government experiment.
Colorado Premiere

The Musicianer
Creator: Beth Harrington

Vern Lockhart is a hillbilly singer with a problem. On the verge of stardom in the 1920s, he inadvertently has become immortal, a situation he only dimly glimpses. When he encounters Jo Cullen, a present-day musicologist who’s expert on Vern’s past, he begins to grasp his deal with the devil.
Colorado Premiere