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Searching For Ingmar Bergman

Margarethe von Trotta

Art/Filmmaking, Biographical, Documentary

German, English, Swedish, French, SpanishEnglish SubtitlesGermany201899 min


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On the occasion of Ingmar Bergman's centenary comes this lovely, personal film from one of his greatest admirers, Margarethe von Trotta. This is a tribute from an artist with such a deep affinity for the subject that it opens to genuine and sometimes disquieting inquiry. In his writings and in his films, Bergman himself strove for an honest accounting and true self-revelation, but it is fascinating to hear and see the observations of loved ones and collaborators (often one and the same), particularly his son Daniel, whose relationship with his father was multi-layered. A rich and quietly absorbing portrait of an immense artist.

Cinematographer: Börres Weiffenbach
Cast: Liv Ullmann, Ruben Östlund, Olivier Assayas
Additional Countries: France