The Biggest Little Farm | Denver Film Society | John Chester | USA

The Biggest Little Farm

John Chester

Animals, Environmental, Family Friendly

Documentary, Maysles Brothers Award for Best Documentary

EnglishUSA201891 min


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Hard lessons await John and Molly Chester as they leave Los Angeles to build an organic, biodynamic farm amid the Ventura County foothills in this eloquent, exquisitely shot autobiographical documentary, which stands a testament to the power of Mother Nature and the human spirit alike. (And also to the awesomeness of pigs.)

John, who happens to be an Emmy-winning TV director/cinematographer, doesn’t deny his and his wife’s naïveté as they embark on their quest for agricultural nirvana: The 200-acre property they’ve purchased is virtually infertile thanks to a historic drought. Over the course of eight years, their doggedness gradually trumps their inexperience, and the ecosystem of Apricot Lane Farms begins to teem with flora and fauna—but setbacks continue to meet progress at every turn as the couple comes to terms with the fact that, sometimes, acceptance of failure is a form of success, surrender a type of control.

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Producer: Sandra Keats, John Chester | Editor: Amy Overbeck | Cinematographer: John Chester | Screenwriter: Mark Monroe, John Chester
Cast: John Chester, Molly Chester

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