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Good Luck

Ben Russell

Environmental, Social Issues


Serbian, SaramaccanEnglish SubtitlesFrance2017143 min


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This visual gut punch of a documentary captures the hardships and, believe it or not, the hopes of workers at both a state-owned copper mine in Serbia and an illegal gold-mining operation in Suriname, putting a face on the human toll exacted by global economic turmoil.

In some ways a mutual companion piece to The Rescue List, also playing in this year’s festival, Good Luck immerses the audience in the harsh milieux of its subjects—the Serbian laborers who toil nearly 2,000 feet underground and the Saramaccan Maroons who search for gold in relentless tropical heat. Interspersing his cinematic essay with black-and-white profiles of the individuals who undertake these grueling and perilous assignments, director/cinematographer Ben Russell explained to the Tate Modern that “it ultimately wasn’t the process that interested me as much as the side effects of the process: the community that arises out of harsh conditions, the collective that manifests out of necessity. I spent months in these mines simply because I wanted to better understand how men persevere.”

SUBTITLED (Foreign language with on-screen subtitles)

Producer: Janja Kralj, Guillaume Cailleau | Editor: Ben Russell, Maja Tennstedt | Cinematographer: Ben Russell
Additional Countries: Germany

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