The Butler (Kamerdyner) | Denver Film Society | Filip Bajon | Poland

The Butler


Filip Bajon

PolishEnglish SubtitlesPoland2018150 min


  • Tuesday 11/6
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    • Wednesday 11/7
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    • Thursday 11/8
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  • Overview

    In this romantic epic from Polish director Filip Bajon, the shifting fortunes and steadfast passions of the von Krauss family unfold against a backdrop of world wars spanning five decades.

    After the death of his mother, Mateusz Krol, a Kashubian boy, is taken in by Prussian aristocrat Gerda von Krauss. He grows up in the palace, falling head over heels for Marita along the way.

    With the 1919 signing of the Treaty of Versailles, Poland’s independence is assured—but the stability of its people is shaken. As resentment and distrust grow among the Kashubians, Poles, and Germans who’ve long lived side by side, so does the sense that another tragedy is on the horizon. Can the von Krausses survive it? Can love?

    Director Filip Bajon will be in attendance for all screenings

    Producer: Olga Bieniek, Miroslaw Piepka | Editor: Milenia Fielder | Cinematographer: Lukasz Gutt | Screenwriter: Marek Klat, Miroslaw Piepka, Michal S. Pruski
    Cast: Sebastian Fabijanski, Daniel Olbrychski, Borys Szyc, Janusz Gajos

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