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Boy Erased

Joel Edgerton

EnglishUSA2018114 min


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Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman, and Lucas Hedges (see also DFF41 offering Ben Is Back) star in this emotional adaptation of Garrard Conley’s namesake memoir. As the teenaged son of a Baptist preacher and his equally devout wife, Jared is loving and dutiful—until he’s outed.

Struggling but unable to accept Jared’s attraction to men, his father delivers an ultimatum: Jared must attend a religious gay-conversion program and quash his sexuality or he will not be able to remain under the family’s roof. Facing the overwhelming rejection of his family, friends, and church community, he agrees. It’s there that he encounters therapist Victor Sykes (played by writer/director Joel Edgerton), whose dubious therapeutic methods only complicate Jared’s fractured relationships with people who genuinely care about him but don’t understand him. Jared is left with only one choice: to find himself by questioning every aspect of his identity.

CCAP (English dialogue with captions for devices), HI-VI (English dialogue with Hearing Impaired/Visually Impaired for headsets)

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Producer: Joel Edgerton, Steve Golin, Kerry Kohansky-Roberts | Editor: Jay Rabinowitz | Cinematographer: Eduard Grau | Screenwriter: Joel Edgerton
Cast: Joel Edgerton, Nicole Kidman, Lucas Hedges, Russell Crowe

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