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Nima Eghlima

PersianEnglish SubtitlesIran2018106 min


  • Thursday 11/8
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    • Friday 11/9
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  • Overview

    Amir tries to be a good brother, son, and friend, but somehow he always finds himself embroiled in his loved ones’ conflicts. Not only is his sister desperately trying to leave their parents’ home and establish some kind of life for herself against their wishes, but his close friend is in a tailspin after realizing his ex-wife is planning to leave the country with their son. Amir has his own problems, so why does he continue to take on burdens that aren’t his—including trying to locate his friend’s child?

    First-time writer/director Nima Eghlima tells the story of a man—and, ultimately a country—suffocating under the weight of societal expectations and a foreboding sense that all his efforts to meet them will be futile in this bleakly urgent slice of social realism from Iran.

    Producer: Ziya Hashemi | Editor: Mastaneh Mohajer | Cinematographer: Adib Sobhani | Screenwriter: Nima Eghlima
    Cast: Milad Keymaram, Seyd Mostafa Ghadiri, Behdokht Valian

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