The Ark of Disperata (La vita in comune) | Denver Film Society | Edoardo Winspeare | Italy

The Ark of Disperata

La vita in comune

Edoardo Winspeare

Comedy, Drama, Religion

ItalianEnglish SubtitlesItaly2017110 min


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A crumbling village in southern Italy sets the stage for bumbling redemption in this dramatic comedy about a woebegone, poetry-loving mayor seeking to revitalize his community with the unlikely help of two would-be mobsters.

Filippo feels like a failure as a civic leader, but he’s rejuvenated by teaching literature to prison inmates—including small-time criminal Pati and his brother Angiolino, who are surprised to find themselves appreciating their art studies too. As the trio’s friendship deepens, so does their commitment to a newfound purpose: reawakening their small town. Director/co-writer Edoardo Winspeare has charmingly called The Ark of Disperata “a story about prophets who are sad and scruffy as well as riddled with fragility and fears—everyday prophets with feet of clay who slowly discover their personal connection to an idea that is greater than they are.”

Director Edoardo Winspeare will be in attendance for all screenings. An additional screening will take place on Tuesday, November 6th at 6:00pm at the Davis Auditorium, Sturm Hall Rm 248, University of Denver. This screening if free and more info can be found HERE.

SUBTITLED (Foreign language with on-screen subtitles)

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Producer: Gustavo Caputo, Alessandro Contessa, Edoardo Winspeare | Editor: Andrea Facchini | Cinematographer: Giorgio Giannoccaro | Screenwriter: Edoardo Winspeare, Alessandro Valenti
Cast: Gustavo Caputo, Antonio Carluccio, Claudio Giangreco, Celeste Casciaro