Blossom Valley (Virágvölgy) | Denver Film Society | László Csuja | Hungary

Blossom Valley


László Csuja

Drama, Romance

HungarianEnglish SubtitlesHungary201883 min


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In this audacious, genre-bending road movie from Hungary, bored 20-year-old Bianka decides to steal a baby. Now she only needs a getaway plan and a willing father figure—whom she finds in Laci, a mentally disabled but gentle soul who’s determined to protect his newfound family on the run. Of course, under the circumstances, he will need every bit as much if not more protection—a fact that gradually dawns on Bianka as the amoral instigator in her slowly awakens to her conscience.

Infusing his feature debut with a punk aesthetic while populating it with an impressive cast of nonprofessionals, director/co-writer László Csuja combines elements of the action flick, the romance, and the morality tale into one not-so-neat little package. In fact, it’s inevitably messy, and all the more touching for that.

SUBTITLED (Foreign language with on-screen subtitles)

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Producer: Gabor Ferenczy, András Muhi | Editor: Attila Csabai | Cinematographer: Gergely Vass | Screenwriter: László Csuja, Nagy V. Gergö
Cast: Bianka Berényi, László Réti, Károly Kozma, György Kardos, Róbert Kardos