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Ali Abbasi

SwedishEnglish SubtitlesSweden2018108 min


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Based on a story by the author of Let the Right One In, John Avjide Lindqvist—who also helped director Ali Abbasi write the script—Border has much in common with its predecessor as a grippingly surreal romantic thriller centered on the relationship between an innocent outcast and a seductive stranger who knows more things in heaven and earth than philosophers can dream of.

Tina is a strange bird (or perhaps some other animal). With misshapen features and an uncanny sense of smell that comes in handy for her job as a customs officer, she lives an isolated, humdrum life in the woods with her mooch of a boyfriend, expecting nothing more for herself. Until she meets Vore. While discerning that there’s something off about him as he passes through customs, she can’t pinpoint it with her usual accuracy. What she can see, however, is that he, too, is a strange bird (or perhaps some other animal), with his sloped brow and gnarly teeth. They come from the same flock.

To get to know him, then, will be to get to know herself and why she has never fit in—for better or for much, much worse.

SUBTITLED (Foreign language with on-screen subtitles)

Producer: Nina Bisgaard, Peter Gustafsson, Petra Jönsson | Editor: Olivia Neergaard-Holm, Anders Skov | Cinematographer: Nadim Carlsen | Screenwriter: Ali Abbasi, Isabella Eklöf, John Ajvide Lindqvist
Cast: Eva Melander, Eero Milonoff, Jörgen Thorsson, Viktor Åkerblom, Matti Boustedt
Additional Countries: Denmark

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