In the Aisles (In den gängen) | Denver Film Society | Thomas Stuber | Germany

In the Aisles

In den gängen

Thomas Stuber

Drama, Romance

GermanEnglish SubtitlesGermany2018125 min


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From director/co-writer Thomas Stuber, In the Aisles unfolds as both a poignant romance and a deft sketch of modern-day, working-class Germany, where a shy loner yearns for the affection of a lovely but married co-worker against the less-than-seductive backdrop of a warehouse supermarket.

Christian has a shady past and a marked lack of social skills, but he’s finding a sense of purpose and belonging amid the forklifts and endless shelving units of his new place of employment. More important, he’s finding a niche for himself in the break room, where he gets to know Marion—whose charm is admittedly complicated by an abusive husband, according to the employee grapevine. What happens from here on out happens slowly, tentatively—but superb performances by Franz Rogowski and Sandra Hüller render the small-d dramas of everyday life large and even luminous in the dull glare of those fluorescent worksite lights.

SUBTITLED (Foreign language with on-screen subtitles)

Producer: Jochen Laube, Fabian Maubach | Editor: Kaya Inan | Cinematographer: Peter Matjasko | Screenwriter: Thomas Stuber, Clemens Meyer
Cast: Franz Rogowski, Sandra Hüller, Peter Kurth, Henning Peker, Matthias Brenner