Phantom Cowboys | Denver Film Society | Daniel Patrick Carbone | USA

Phantom Cowboys

Daniel Patrick Carbone

African/Af. Amer, Biographical, Coming of Age

EnglishUSA201892 min


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Over the span of eight years, this lyrical documentary follows three adolescent males in the California desert, the West Virginia woods, and the sugarcane fields of Florida, respectively, as they seek to discover what it means to be a boy, a man, and a human being in present-day America.

Daniel Patrick Carbone structures his film in mosaic rather than chronological time to flash back and forth through the lives of Nick, Tyler, and Larry, comparing their hopes for the future in 2009 to their compromises, setbacks, and, yes, fresh hopes in 2016. Nick goes from playing football to a job in the mining industry that dominates his small town; Tyler is a teen parent with a promising career in dirt-track racing whose family grows as we watch; Larry’s youth is interrupted by a prison sentence. What determines their paths isn’t only aptitude and attitude; circumstances loom large. But between dreams and disillusionment, there’s always room for something new, something unexpected, something better.

Director/screenwriter Daniel Patrick Carbone and cinematographer/screenwriter Ryan Scafuro will be in attendance for the Fri. Nov. 2nd and Sat. Nov. 3rd screenings.

Producer: Daniel Patrick Carbone, Ryan Scafuro, Annie Waldman | Editor: Thomas Niles | Cinematographer: Daniel Patrick Carbone, Ryan Scafuro | Screenwriter: Daniel Patrick Carbone, Ryan Scafuro, Thomas Niles
Cast: Larry Young, Nick Reyes, Tyler Carpenter