Another Day of Life (Jeszcze dzien zycia) | Denver Film Society | Raul de la Fuente | Damian Nenow | Poland

Another Day of Life

Jeszcze dzien zycia

Raul de la Fuente, Damian Nenow

English, Portuguese, Polish, SpanishEnglish SubtitlesPoland201885 min


  • Sunday 11/4
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    • Monday 11/5
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    • Wednesday 11/7
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  • Overview

    Mixing documentary footage and animation to startling effect, filmmakers Raúl de la Fuente and Damian Nenow have adapted late Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski’s account of his days on the front lines of the Angolan civil war in the 1970s to produce a biopic that’s as enlightening as it is heart-poundingly engrossing.

    The city of Luanda is in chaos: In the transition to independence from Portugal, varying factions of the Angolan liberation movement are locked in a protracted struggle for power, and the capital is quickly emptying of all but the fighters—and one intrepid reporter, Kapuscinski himself. The risk is worth the reward of career glory, but there’s another motive for staying put: guerrilla warrior Carlotta. Of course, the more he gets involved with the people on the ground, the less objective he can be; as the conflict rages within and around him, Kapuscinski is forever changed as a writer and as a human being.

    Producer: Amaia Remirez, Jaroslaw Sawko, Ole Wendorff-Ostergaard | Editor: Raul de La Fuente | Cinematographer: Raul de La Fuente, Gorka Gomez-Andreu | Screenwriter: Raul de la Fuente, Amaia Remirez, Niall Johnson, David Weber, Damian Nenow
    Additional Countries: Spain, Germany, Belgium, Hungary

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